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One payment of $497 (save $37)


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You’re About to Learn a Step-By-Step System For Releasing a PROFITABLE Independent Album.

When We’re Done, You’ll Walk Away with a CONCRETE plan for producing, releasing, and promoting an album that can ACTUALLY sell.

It’s the same system I used to recently help an artist become the #1 Blues Artist in America, and it’s the culmination of almost a decade of online marketing experience and a lifetime in the music industry…

Because here’s the reality: most musicians are completely flying blind when they release an album.

For most, the plan is simply to sign up with a digital distributor, get the album on iTunes and Spotify, tell their social media followers when the album comes out, and perform as many shows as possible.

Those that have rich parents or have been squirreling away their savings for the last decade may just be able to afford to hire a radio promoter and a publicist.

And then they’ll cross their fingers, and hope and pray, that enough people see that “special quality”, that their music possesses, and it will all somehow add up to fortune and fame.

But then… those first week sales numbers come in.

This is where you cue the sounds of crickets chirping, because more often than not, those sales numbers are absolutely DISMAL

In fact, in a recent survey I sent out to thousands of independent musicians, 57% reported selling less than 50 albums per year. Ouch!

Here’s A FACT: Success Does NOT Come Down to Just Having A Good Song!

There is no single piece of advice that I hate more than the above.

Most musicians simply don’t have a plan, and so they hide behind this idea that raw talent and a good song will eventually rise to the top. If that were true then history wouldn’t be littered by the forgotten music of so many fantastic artists.

Moreover, if talent was all that mattered then God knows we wouldn’t see many of the successes that we do.

Success comes to those who have a road map, take action, and overcome obstacles.

In some circles they might call this… wait for it… A BUSINESS PLAN! Now, I now how scary the word “business” can be to all of us right brain musicians, so let’s just call it a “formula”.

The Record Release Formula is a Four Week Online Workshop of mine, which will begin on Tuesday, November 24th.

You can register RIGHT NOW to be one of only 200 people to take part in the workshop by clicking here.

As mentioned, the Record Release Formula is an online workshop that will take place in a private members area, and will be spread out over four weeks. It will be a mix of both live, and pre-recorded lessons, with two sessions taking place each week.

In the workshop I’m going to be teaching a comprehensive, step-by-step formula for releasing an independent album.

This Formula is based largely on the same strategy that I used to help blues singer, Janiva Magness, become the #1 blues artist in the United States with her independent release, “Original”. The album debuted at #5 on the billboard Blues Chart and climbed to #1 at blues radio where it sat for much of last summer.

My goal is to distill everything that we did on that campaign into a step-by-step formula that any artist can apply to their own careers.

This is Just a Small Sample of What You’ll Learn in the Record Release Formula.

  • How to use “short cuts” so that fans will instantly connect with you and your music.
  • How to create a campaign that fans AND the media simply can’t ignore.
  • How common production mistakes can kill your album’s chances before it sees the light of day.
  • How to get your music in front of the RIGHT people, and instantly convert those people into fans.
  • How to get what you REALLY need out of a photo shoot.
  • How common packaging mistakes can DESTROY a campaign.
  • How to create a “fan-getting” funnel.
  • How to take orders and deliver downloads from your own site the RIGHT way.
  • What NOT to do when choosing a digital distributor.
  • How to make MORE money per customer with a few simple tweaks to your process.
  • How to get your TRUE FANS to spend hundreds of dollars with you and effectively fund your entire campaign.
  • How to effectively use pre-orders to maximize your chart position.
  • How to report sales from your own website to SoundScan and really make those sales count, WITHOUT a distributor.
  • The SMART way to use social media to promote the release of your album.
  • How to get your music in front of THOUSANDS of FANS for pennies per click.
  • The exact YouTube strategy I use to make your fans FRENZY in anticipation of your release.
  • A little known Facebook ad strategy that brings in SALES like crazy.
  • How to use forgotten “old school” grassroots marketing strategies to increase sales on your website.
  • A complete “insider’s” look at what it takes to get your song on the radio.
  • The publicity strategy that could save you THOUSANDS of dollars.
  • A touring strategy that will help you reach the LARGEST audience and sell the MOST albums.
  • More importantly I’m going to give you a complete Record Release Checklist, so you know exactly what to do three months out, one month out, two weeks out, the week of the release, and during the remainder of your album’s life cycle.

In the workshop you’ll also hear from all of the major players involved with the release of Janiva Magness’ album. That includes the minds behind production, marketing, radio, press, and the label GM; not to mention the artist herself.

And you’ll also get a chance to chat directly with me, once a week, during the live group coaching sessions.

My goal is to walk you through each and every step of releasing an album using a PROVEN direct-to-fan marketing strategy, like the one we used with Janiva.

Click here to be one of only 200 people to take part in the Record Release Formula.

Here’s How the Workshop is Going to Work…

Each week there will be two sessions. The first being a pre-recorded training module, the second being a live teleseminar in which you can call in by phone, or listen in via the web.

All sessions will be recorded and posted in the members area to be viewed online or downloaded for offline viewing.

The workshop will be spread out over for weeks, and you’ll literally get to shape the direction of the workshop. If you have any questions, you can ask them live. If you want me to focus more on certain areas, just speak up in the coaching calls and I can tailor future lessons based on member requests.

Over the Last Six Years I Have Helped Thousands of Artists Grow their Music Careers and Increase Their Bottom Line.

I helped singer songwriter, Billy Burke, set the all-time single day sales record at CD Baby, (the world’s largest distributor of independent music)…

…and as I mentioned, I was the marketing director behind Janiva Magness’s indie success, “Original”.

I’ve contributed to these successes by applying an understanding of direct-response marketing, that is unique in the music industry

…and by showing musicians how to systematically approach growing their fan base at a PROFIT.

These aren’t the same old “hope-and-pray” or “wait-and-see” marketing strategies that so many others are pushing.

Your fan base will grow because you know how to make it grow. And you’ll sell albums, because you know how it’s actually done.

One payment of $497 (save $37)


Three monthly payments of $179


My Promise To You…

Like you, I’m a musician myself, and the last thing I want is someone who has spent their hard earned money with me to be unhappy.

I’ve personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and nearly a decade, developing what I feel is a direct-to-fan marketing insight, knowledge, and experience level that is unique in the music industry.

In short, I know what I’m doing, and I back up my programs 100%.

If you apply what you’ll learn in this workshop I’m confident that you’ll not only increase your sales, but I’d expect many to save thousands of dollars on what would have likely been expensive mistakes.

That being said, if for any reason whatsoever you are unsatisfied with the material in the Record Release Formula I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Simply shoot me an email requesting your money back within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund. There is a “contact” tab on every page of my site.

Look, most musicians spend tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) on gear and recordings, but they they completely drop the ball when it comes to learning how to make money from their music.

I know many of us would rather just write songs and perform, and let someone else take care of all this “business” stuff. But the reality is that those days of being discovered and suddenly propelled into greatness are gone.

The music industry is in a state of disarray. There’s a lot of talk about the internet, social media, and what strategies make sense in the “new music industry”. But few people have a real plan.

I do.

I’ve proven that my strategies work, and now I’ll share them with you.

But please remember, due to the live elements of this workshop, as well the technical constraints and support requirements….

…the Record Release Formula will be limited to just 200 people.  

Once those 200 spots are reserved, registration WILL close. Possibly without warning.

So that’s about it. There’s an order link a little further down on the page. That will get you access.

But I want you to go into this realizing that the Record Release Formula is NOT a “magic bullet”.

It’s not a trick, a scam, a hack, or some button that you press and suddenly your rich and famous. That’s not what this is, and that’s not what I do. What I’m offering is to let you in a PROVEN strategy for successfully releasing an independent album.

But it absolutely takes work, talent, and time. If that is not something that you are willing to invest in your career. Then The Record Release Formula is probably not for you.

I have generated millions of dollars in online sales and I have been sharing that marketing experience as an educator and music marketing consultant since 2009.

I’ve developed REAL WORLD marketing strategies that have ACTUALLY TURNED A PROFIT for many artists.

I’d like to share those strategies with you.

One payment of $497 (save $37)


Three monthly payments of $179


I hope to see you in the workshop.





John Oszajca
Musician and Author
Founder of


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Record Release Formula different then Music Marketing Manifesto?

A: The short answer is that the scope of RRF is much broader than that of MMM. MMM is more technical, and focuses exclusively on how to build an online marketing funnel for your music. RRF will be looking at the entire process of releasing an album. From production, all the way up to radio and publicity. RRF is also a real time event with live coaching sessions throughout.

Q: I’m not sure if I can make the live sessions, when will they be held?

A: There will be a recorded module published on the first Tuesday of each week, beginning on the 24th. The live coaching sessions will take place on November 25th, December 3rd, December 10th, and December 17th. Each coaching session will take place at noon pacific and will last approximately 90 minutes, or as long as it takes to get through everyone’s questions.

HOWEVER, you will be able to submit questions at any time before or during the coaching session, and the replay will be posted in the members area for those who miss it live. I’m also considering adding an additional coaching call at a later time to accommodate those in other time zones. .

Q: Do you guarantee that this will make me rich and famous?

A: There are many MANY variables that will determine the outcome of your success. Individual talent levels, willingness to work, and many other variables will all come into play, and therefore I can make no claims or guarantees regarding what results you might personally be able to achieve. That said, what you will be learning are strategies that have been successfully applied to real world campaigns.

Q: Why are you only letting two hundred people attend the workshop?

A: Workshops like these are incredibly challenging create as well as run. There are also certain technical and logistical limitations. Both in terms of the teliseminar software we use for the live events, as well as the challenges presented when trying to take questions from so man people during the live coaching sessions. Therefore I have decided to cap attendance at 200. However, I do reserve the right to either close registration early, or make allowances for additional attendees If I so choose.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: Yes. If you are unsatisfied with the material in the workshop, simply send in a refund request to within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a complete refund on your purchase.

Q: What kind of customer support do you offer?

A: One of the things I pride myself on most, is customer support. All participants in the workshop will have two ways of getting assistance:

1) There will be a live coaching session every week in which I will answer any questions you have. As you go through the workshop you will have the ability to submit questions for the next coaching session. I will answer 100% of those questions on the call. You can also call in directly and I we can chat live.

2) If you have anything support or billing related you can send me an email via the “contact” tab on every page of the site. You will hear back from myself, or my support manager Steve, within 1 – 2 business days. Usually much less.